Running after birth

Run Mama

The Ultimate Online Postnatal Running Program – Running after birth

guided by Taryn Gaudin Physiotherapist & running specialist

Rebuild your core from the inside out and return to running safely after baby. Know what to look out for, and how to progress running safely with run mama.



Want access to progressive, challenging, safe, and convenient exercise for after birth?


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running after birth

What’s inside the Run Mama program?

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in the program



  • Access to all 10 VIDEOS – including progressive core workouts specific to RUNNING to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
  • Access to PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – offering community, support &; guidance from Taryn. Enjoy FACEBOOK LIVES that offer LOADS OF VALUE including BONUS TUTORIALS & WORKOUTS!
  • The Run Mama SELF ASSESSMENT GUIDE – that will let you know if you are ready to progress to the next phase of the program
  • Track your progress every step of the way with your PERSONAL ‘RUN TRACKER’
  • Navigate your way through the program with your bonus booklets that answer all of your questions regarding breastfeeding & exercise, and offer nutritional guidance & support
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Run Mama not what you expected? I’ll happily give you your money back [Conditions Apply]
  • LIFETIME ACCESS – You will enjoy lifetime access to the program – so you can go at your own pace, in your own time. Get too busy with the kids? That’s okay, simply start again from where you left off! There are no time pressures here!
  • Each module is accompanied by a short quiz to help you evaluate your understanding so that you know when you are ready to progress to the next.


You’ll love the Run Mama program if you want  ….
  • To rebuild your core and pelvic floor using the best core workouts specifically designed for runners.
  • Know how to return to running safely after baby!
  • Access affordable, expert guidance from a Physiotherapist who understands running
  • Feel empowered to make your own decisions, without having to fear movement & exercise
  • Build more power, & use less energy when you run
  • Stop leaking when you run! (no, kegals are not the answer!)
  • Know how to assess & treat abdominal separation
  • Understand the most common mistakes of ‘mums that run’ & how to fix them.
  • Enjoy core workouts from the privacy of your own home, that are specifically designed to get you back to running safely
  • Have access to ongoing expert advice, without having to keep paying for it!
  • Be guided by a therapist that ‘get’s you’

Runing after birth? Run faster & with more ease?

get run mama!

How does the Run Mama program work to teach you how to run after birth?

Enjoy the complete video workout series &  informative tutorials that help you understand your body after baby.

Understand what changes have occurred during pregnancy & birth, and how running can be different after baby. I provide loads of supportive handout & booklets to answer all of your questions regarding running after baby.  I am here to support your entire journey every step of the way through my Facebook Group – or simply message me with your questions – I am here to help! 



Empower yourself with the knowledge that you need!
Learn all about the core & pelvic floor & understand how to optimise your pelvic health through daily habits. Know how to assess & treat abdominal separation and understand the ‘warning signs’ of pelvic organ prolapse.



Sounds too simple to be true! Learn the incredibly effective & easy to remember ABCDE technique to help you: evaluate, troubleshoot & modify any postnatal exercise. This technique is the key to running strong, faster, and more comfortably than ever! Understand how to improve your posture & alignment ; address breathing patterns; and engage your core effectively.



Know how to exercise the core & pelvic floor – plus learn how to tell if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises right!
Enjoy progressive core workouts and strengthening exercises that are specifically designed for running. The workouts become progressively harder, so that you continue to strengthen the core from the inside out with running in mind!



Learn how to choose your running terrain, and improve your running gait. Lean exactly how to start running and how to progress your running. Taryn will also teach you the most common mistakes postnatal runners make, and how to fix them.



Join the private facebook group and get continued online support from Taryn. Enjoy the opportunity to ask questions and be guided by Taryn in a group forum through live posts and bonus video content. Let Taryn help you achieve your personal running goals whilst enjoying a community vibe from likeminded women!

body conscious


Want bonuses? You’ll get heaps! Enjoy your bonus booklets and get ALL of your questions answered.
Bonus booklets include : ‘Breastfeeding & Exercise’, ‘Super Simple Nutrition Guide’, ‘Holistic Pelvic Health Guide’ ‘Personal Run Tracker’
You will also enjoy lifetime access & money back guarantee.

Full program details

What’s inside the program?

Here’s a break-down of the video content you will LOVE in the Run Mama Program

Module #1 - Foundational Knowledge & MYTH BUSTING

Sorry to say, but ‘switching on your core’ is NOT the answer to SAFE & COMFORTABLE RUNNING – In FACT, it may be the VERY THING THAT CAUSES YOU MORE CONCERNS! 

Knowledge is POWER!! Learn all about the core & pelvic floor & how they function AS A SYSTEM; the effects of pregnancy & birth; how you know if you have a ‘weak core’ & the ‘warning signs’ when returning to running. 

Module #2 - The A B C D E Technique

Sounds too simple to be true! An incredibly effective & easy to remember technique to help you to: troubleshoot your exercise & improve your core + pelvic floor co-dordination , strength + function.  GET THE BASICS SORTED, & RUN STRONGER, FASTER & MORE COMFORTABLY THAN EVER!  Improve your alignment; address breathing patterns; engage your core & evaluatetroubleshoot & modify your exercise.

Module #3 - Exercising the Pelvic Floor

Understand how to exercise the pelvic floor – SO MUCH MORE than just Kegals!! Know how to tell if your ‘doing them right’ , HOW to make pelvic floor exercises easier and more effective & understand why ‘doing kegals at a stop light is a ‘bad idea’.

Module #4 – Optimising Your Pelvic Health

There is NO POINT addressing all things ‘alignment’, ‘core’ & ‘pelvic floor’ related if we don’t address basic lifestyle factors – this is a GAME CHANGERS!!  Learn all things you never knew even mattered like ‘toileting posture’ & nutrition for pelvic health.  Enjoy dramatic improvements of your core & pelvic health simply by taking notice of, & making small adjustments to, your day-to-day activities!

Module #5 – Rectus Diastasis (Abdominal Separation)

Diastasis is all ‘the rage’ right NOW. What people don’t tell you is that IT’S ALL ABOUT CREATING TENSION! NOT JUST CLOSING THE GAP!! Learn to self assess for abdominal separation, how to treat it  & how to monitor your diastasis during exercise! 


Self Paced, Phased Exercise Program!

Build your core from the INSIDE OUT & prepare for RUNNING. Enjoy PROGRESSIVE exercises  that help you to rebuild your core & pelvic floor in preparation for running!  NOT ‘boring’ mat based exercises, but actual running drills and running focused exercises that challenge you! This module includes a range of ‘workouts’ for you to strengthen your core, & rebuild your foundation for running.  Use the ‘progression checklist’  to know when you are ready to move onto the next stage/phase in the program.

Module #10 – Let’s RUN!

WOOP!! Learn how to: commence your running program; progress your running program; & continue running safely! Taryn will teach you how to CHOOSE YOUR RUNNING TERRAIN, understanding how to correct running gait, how to start running, & how to progress your running! Know the MOST COMMON MISTAKES FEMALE RUNNERS MAKE, & HOW TO FIX THEM! Of course all the ‘how to’s’ of pram running are included.

running after birth
MEET YOUR coach, postnatal phyio & FACILITATOR


Hey Mama, I’m Taryn, I’m a Women’s Physiotherapist, Runner, & Mother of 2 girls and a baby boy. Running is pure therapy for me, and I know that many women feel the same. Having been through my own challenges returning to running after my second baby, having treated multiple women who have had similar difficulties, and knowing that there are thousands of women out there struggling to return to running after birth, I felt deeply called to created a postnatal running program unlike any other. One that is evidence based, practical, and holistic!

Whilst there is no replacement for face to face therapy, the problem is that not every Women’s Physiotherapist knows running, and not every woman has access to a Women’s Physiotherapist… Too many women are being told to simply stop running after they have had a baby, because they haven’t found a therapist who has the skills & the desire to help them return to running safely. To me, this is simply not good enough. Taking away running from a woman who loves running, if you’re a runner I don’t need to explain the side effects of that!

Running is also something that women often feel called to try after having children, because it’s so simple to put your shoes on & just go! But, without the right preparation, it can lead to injury. Some which have devastating impacts…

There are a number of challenges when it comes to returning to running after baby; the risk of developing or worsening Pelvic Organ Prolapse, having concerns with incontinence / leakage,  being unsure of nutritional needs particularly when breastfeeding, & how to know when you’re doing ‘too much too soon’…

Run Mama was born from my passion to help women to stay active & enjoying movement that they love. Many women are told that they should simply stop running after baby. At the same time, many women don’t know or understand the risks associated with returning to high impact exercise & running after brith too fast, too soon & without the appropriate training. Run Mama is designed to address these concerns & help women to feel safe & supported during their postnatal running journey.

As a passionate therapist, I am here to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions along your journey, I am here to help you. I look forward to helping you, & hearing your story as a Running Mama!

Taryn x

All your Run Mama and Running after birth questions answered

How long postpartum should I wait until I start this program?

You can start this program as early as 6 weeks postnatally. However, it is not recommended that you start running until at least 3 months postpartum.

What if I have difficulty during the program?

Taryn will be here to support you every step of the way. The private Facebook group is a great setting to ask questions and get the support you need. If you need further more personalised support, Taryn offers online consultations via Facebook & Skype.


What if I have never run before?

That’s OK! This is a GRADUATED return to running. In fact this program is the perfect way to start out if you have never run before.

I had my baby years ago, but I am having problems with leakage when I run. Will this program help?

YES! Absolutely. Whether you had you baby 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or 6 years ago – this program can help to rebuild your core, and your foundations for running.

What if I feel like I need more time with the program?

You have lifetime access to this program. There are absolutely no time pressures.

Will I need any special equipment for the program?

Not at all! The only equipment that Taryn recommends (but is certainly NOT REQUIRED) is a yoga/pilates mat – if you have one! You will also need appropriate footwear for when you start running.

I still have more questions. What can I do?

Please feel free to contact Taryn. You can email Taryn here

“What I love most about Taryn is how multidimensional she is.”

Taryn feels like a friend who provides physiotherapy wisdom like an expert & showers you with guidance like a spiritual guru. Taryn is a body positive practitioner which was particularly important to me, she does not recommend or conduct any form of screening that may cause distress. Taryn accepts you as you are wherever you are at and provides absolutely no pressure on you whatsoever to follow a regimen. Taryn & I have completed great work together over multiple sessions & I have taken on & implemented daily actions based on advice from Taryn. I have made great discoveries by working with Taryn and I truly feel she can be of great value to a client wishing to be gently supported on this sometimes challenging journey of life in the human body.



“Taryn helped me more than words can explain.”

“She is patient, very present and one of the most supportive practitioners I have ever worked with. I was dissociating from my body during sex as a result of an emotionally abusive relationship. Through working with Taryn, I can now be present in sex and I am working with her on being open and vulnerable to intimacy. I also have an overactive pelvic floor that Taryn is helping me to manage. She is amazing in that she helps to remove the shame I have felt about having a “defective” body part – and she has taught me that there is nothing wrong, just something I need to work on if I choose to do so. I can’t wait to continue to work with Taryn on all things sex, intimacy, and pain management.”



“I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe”

“Taryn is a gifted practitioner with the unique ability to blend the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of pelvic health together. I have experienced many pelvic floor assessments over the years and none of them have incorporated the integrated approach that Taryn creates. Her ability to challenge the traditional idea of pelvic health and wellness by incorporating mind-body awareness and connection is invaluable to those she serves. After years of searching for an integrated pelvic health approach, I’m grateful to have finally found it with Taryn. I felt truly seen, heard, validated and safe working with Taryn which helped to create a deep sense of healing. Thank you Taryn for the work you are doing. It is so very needed and appreciated.”



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